About Us

Mr. Horace Cook founded A-1 Bonding Company in 1948. Mr. Cook owned and operated the bail bonding company until 1987, when it was sold to Glenn Strickland. Shortly before his retirement, Mr. Cook was recognized as the “Dean” of the professional bail bonding community.
Glenn started in the business in 1979 and made A-1 Bonding his parent company in 1987. He has maintained a commitment to outstanding customer service through-out his career in the bail bonding profession.

During his 33 years of experience in this proud profession, he has confronted many challenging opportunities to both protect and improve business relations with both the government and private sectors.

In the Professional Bondsmen of Houston (PBH), he served in several board positions ultimately being elected President (2 terms) and was awarded the “Bondsmen of the Year” by the Houston Bondsmen in 1985 and 2004. In 2009 Glenn was elected to the Bail BondsmenHall of Fame.

In the Professional Bail Bondsmen of Texas (PBT), www.pbtx.com he is a past and current member of the PBT Board of Directors and a member of the legislative committees. He has also held the elected positions of Vice-President (1 term) and President (2 terms). Glenn was awarded the “Professional Bail Bondsman of the Year” Award in 2004.

Glenn is actively involved with the Professional Bail Bond Agents of the United States (PBUS), www.pbus.com. In 1991 Glenn was instrumental as a cofounder the “Council of Presidents”, a group that advises our national association. He assisted in the development of an arena where both former and sitting presidents of individual state associations come together and speak as peers about issues common to all bail bondsmen and our profession. While spectators are welcome, only the council members are recognized to speak and engage in questions and debates. He served as Chair of the COP for nine consecutive years until 2000. In February 2004, he was again elected Chair of this group by a unanimous vote. As Chair of the council, he has a seat on the national board of directors of the P.B.U.S.

In December 2004, he was elected by the licensed Harris County bondsmen, as the bail bondingrepresentative for the Harris County Bail Bond Board.  Glenn continues to sit on the board today.

Glenn and his staff at A1 Bonding understand that sometimes, good people find themselves in bad situations. A-1 Bonding is committed to helping you through the bail bond process quickly, confidentially and affordably.


To respond promptly and efficiently to our customers with, teamwork, integrity and compassion. We hope that you choose us when you need a Houston bail bondsman.